Pool chemicals

uvozovka Swimming pool increases the comfort of your living and quality of life for the whole family. Active relaxation has a beneficial effect on your health and mental well-being. Stay by the pool just belongs to one of most pleasant moments. The pool requires regular care and maintenance to achieve the desired relaxing effect. The pool water is exposed to algae and bacteria and also various impurities get into it. All this can result in the degradation of water quality - in terms of aesthetic and hygienic.

Using PROPOOL ® products ensures comprehensive care of the water in your pool all the year. You will be rewarded with good, clean, safe water and long life of pool and accessories.

Why PROPOOL® pool chemicals from PROXIM?

  • PROPOOL® belongs to the most effective products of pool chemicals
  • The company PROXIM is a manufacturer specialized in the pool chemistry
  • Pool chemicals PROPOOL® are suitable for small garden pools, but as well as for large private and public swimming pools



COMBI TABS 20 g After the pool is filled with water or when the pool is to be used again at the beginning of the season, the pH value of water


12. 11. 2012

Jan Kroupa,Ph.D., Executive Head, PROXIM s.r.o.
“In our capacity as a Czech manufacturer of swimming pool chemicals, we would like to extend our cooperation with German companies and therefore strengthen our position on the German market. I had a good feeling after the first day of interbad 2012. We met some good trade visitors who were very interested in our products and asked a large number of technical questions."


11. 11. 2012

International trade for swimming pools, saunas and spas